Eastern North Carolina-style BBQ caterer

PROUDLY SERVING fresh, all-natural local meats and produce!
The BBQ passion continues...  as a weekend hobby/catering business... and KCBS-certified BBQ Judge! 

    If you've never had our food, Eastern North Carolina Style wood-smoked BBQ is the sweetest and most sultry taste around.  Cole Slaw is a given.  You can go healthy with grilled sweet potatoes and fresh veggies on the side, or all the way Southern comfort with our extra-rich Mac & Cheese.

    Our recipes are from scratch, using only natural ingredients and wood-fired pitts.  Even our rubs and sauces are made from scratch... so you can be assured of Gluten-free meats, rubs, sauces and most sides. 

    We purchase all our ingredients locally, from our friends at Quaker Creek Store, Roccoroma and the bounty of Pine Island farms!    Email us for a menu and quote at BigDavesBBQ@live.com.

    BONUS!!! You can purchase our food without catering!  Quaker Creek Store sells all our smoked meats.  Just give them a call at 845.258.4570

    Thanks very much for checking us out. 

    Big Dave

We Cater on Weekends-only.  Email us to book early, as they fill up fast!


WELCOME TO Big Dave's Family BBQ